Let's BOND – Brand and experience design studio. Studios in Helsinki, London, San Francisco, Dubai and Tallinn.

BOND is independent brand and experience design agency founded in Helsinki 2009. We are a versatile and collaborative team of designers, technologists, strategists and storytellers. Five studios. 55 people. 19 nationalities.


We marshal expertise across disciplines to craft the fusion of experiences your customer has with you.

Our philosophy

Simple Wins is our business, brand and design philosophy. It is what guides what we do for our clients and how we act as an agency.

Keep it simple. Know who matters and what they want. Then design brands and experiences that perfectly serve them, everywhere, always. Be creative and bold. Don’t deviate or be diverted. In our complex world, this is how we win.

Simple Wins means:

Unexpected ideas.
Less, but better.
No nonsense.
Focus on people.
Hard work.

Our principles

BOND was founded on a simple belief that clients appreciate working directly with designers. We saw ourselves as a collective of craftsmen focused on delivering design that stands the test of time. Over the years this has evolved into a set of cultural principles we live by:

First we bond.

To us it all starts here. Fully connecting with you and working with you.

No heroes or hierarchy.

Collective and collaborative. We are design-led and lean, packed with talent and lacking in ego.


Marry simplicity with the unexpected.

Craft the hundred little moments that make a brand.

Great brands and experiences are made in the smallest things with deep understanding. We dive into the business. We stand in the shoes of users. Then we craft: We take as much care over the tiny details as we do over the big ideas. We design the hundred little moments, that make a meaningful and complete brand.

Quality is the only thing that stands the test of time.

Our founding principle from 2009. Stating our obsession for the craft.

BOND in numbers



Graphic, digital, interior, service and packaging designers, coders, typographers, technologists, strategists, writers, producers and artisans. All craftsmen by heart.



American, Emirati, English, Estonian, Canadian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Irish, Jordanian, Lebanese, Nepalese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Saudi, Sri Lankan, Sudanese, Swiss. Mix and enjoy.



That's our average age - a proven mix of experience and freshness.


Organisational levels

We have no heroes, no hierarchies.



We are owned by 13 active partners. Fully involved.


Founded by designers

In Helsinki that was. Arttu, Aleksi, Jesper.


Our Leadership

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