Arttu Salovaara

CEO, Founder

In 2009 Arttu co-founded BOND with two fellow designers Aleksi Hautamäki and Jesper Bange. The vision was to craft lasting designs and delivering complete experiences with a cross-disciplinary team working – and bonding, closely with ambitious clients. With over 25 years experience in design and branding, Arttu has worked across wide range of industries from retail and hospitality to culture, education and technology.

Before founding BOND Arttu held managing partner position at TBWA. His career started as an industrial designer shaping the new generation of German bullet trains in Munich. Arttu is actively working in projects delivering design and brand strategies. As CEO, he's responsible of BOND's cultural development across all our studios. Arttu has won multiple local and international awards including New York Type Directors Club and Creative Review Annual. As a hobby, Arttu is a co-owner in two restaurants and occasionally takes a shift in the kitchen.