Designing a university for the youth and children

Aalto University Junior

Designing a university for the youth and children

Aalto University Junior, an entity of Aalto University, encourages children and the youth to dive into science, arts, technology, and economics by organizing free time events.

The brief was to design a brand identity, which would be recognizably part of the Aalto University, but would still stand out from within the main brand as a playful bright spot. It had to appeal to the youngest members of the family, yet also speak to the adults. The design won gold for Best Branding at the European Design Awards 2019.

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European Design Awards, Gold Award, 2019



We said 'no' to tight frames.

Childlike curiosity and encouragement for open-minded experimenting were at the heart of all design. Out of the mouths of babes, they say. Thus that's the style we adapted too: direct, imaginative and delightful. We said 'no' to tight frames and conventions, and 'yes' to opportunities and diversity.

Aalto Junior brand identity by BOND

Science mixed with childlike curiosity.

The logo is inspired by an electron circling around an atom, but can also be interpreted as a hula hoop, halo or even Saturn rings. The same playfulness cuts through, twiddling the logo, pictograms, and the photography concept. The symbols are fun and universal, shared icons among young and old.

Bright spot within the main brand.

The colour scheme is daring and experimental - just like kids are. With the combination of different visuals the end result is a combination of truth or dare, science, and childlike curiosity.

200% growth in study visits during 2018

Aalto Junior has been a significant actor in Finnish education scene right from the beginning - from ministry level to classrooms.

Impacting over 12 000 kids, youth, teachers and parents per year

The program gave an immediate impact in multidisciplinary contexts in the fields of science, technology, arts and business. Enjoying great success, the Junior lab reservations reached over 90% from maximum capacity.

Aalto Junior brand identity by BOND
Aalto Junior brand identity by BOND
Working with BOND is characterised by close collaboration and open, fruitful discussions.

Jaakko Salavuo

Communications Director, Aalto University

"They have a proven unique capability to combine the University's understanding with creative and unexpected solutions" states Jaakko Salavuo from Aalto University.

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