When tiny turns great

Anton&Anton is a tiny option for gigantic supermarkets. Their personnel is relaxed, smiling and proud of their mostly organic and partly self-cooked selection of goods. Yet, A&A serves not only as a physical store but also via online and home-delivery. Now, it was time to add a kiosk on that list – with a fresh visual identity.

Our design drivers for the challenge were positive approachability while being playful yet credible. Below the traditional A&A logo, we slipped the concept name KIOSKI, with the chosen bold, modern and heritage-friendly typeface. To support comms, icons too were added to the palette. We also kept the iconic square shape along and brought to life in different forms. Finally, we splashed colors to it: with no prejudice, still in the limits of coherence.

The final visual identity flexibly translates into different applications from personnel’s clothing to bags and signage. Especially the packaging was put a great emphasis on, in which take-away was the way to go. We planned it from the very scratch, starting with the cardboard structure. The newly packaged products are now easy to pick on the go and fit meeting tables and souvenir bags too. As a collection, the product range makes a nice set-up on the shelf. Its functionality reflects the A&A offering philosophy of always being nifty.

Overall, A&A Kioski looks and feels like it should. Relaxed, smiling and trusted. Sometimes the tiny beats the giant – thanks to great design, we believe.

Spatial design by Futu Design
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen