Blending fashion and technology

Microsoft commissioned Bond to launch their new global collaboration campaign with the design house Marimekko. The partnership is to drive awareness and elevate the new Microsoft Pro line of products. The collaboration had its initial launch in the Asian market. The campaign imagery and motion graphics blend the world of technology with fashion and lifestyle, thus creating brand recognition and curiosity, and celebrating the collaboration.

‘The team have a quality of aesthetic and attention to detail that is rare in the fast-paced agency environment. It enables great creative ideation and also high-quality content all under the pressure of delivering for a global scale launch event.’ said Samuel Clarke – Global Brand Manager, Microsoft. “I find that the best work tends to come out of the most fun and creative process and this is no exception when working with Bond.’

The project and tight timeframe required a multi-disciplinary focus on clear management, creative thinking, art direction, design, animation, and production. Bond produced a rich and flexible toolbox of marketing material which included assets for social media, keynotes and launch events, in-store retail, and print and digital media. Since launching the demand for the Marimekko accessories has been strong with initial sell out.

Photography: Andrew G. Hobbs

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