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Roster is a Bar & Restaurant and a vibrant meeting place in the heart of Helsinki. Roster strips away from the formalities of fine dining and focuses instead on high quality food, superb service and great ambience. Bond designed the complete restaurant experience including: concept, naming, interior design, service design, digital design and branding.

Roster’s design complements the style of the cuisine. Interiors are a mix of captivating elements, custom made furniture with a vintage twist, both raw and refined materials as well as hand picked design objects. Branding that includes a custom typeface and “tattoo” illustrations reflect the brisk and humorous style and character of the two founders Kari Aihinen and Paul Hickman.

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Photography: Paavo Lehtonen, Angel Gil, Akseli Valmunen



  • Best of Finnish Advertising and Design, Silver Award, 2017
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