VERK - Polishing a post-modern gem


Polishing a post-modern gem

VERK is a contemporary and relaxed office environment next to the beating heart of Kalasatama. The post-modern office building was in need of some serious modernisation. BOND helped the building’s owner, real estate developer Antilooppi, breathe new life into the hidden gem.

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Reinstating value

On Verkstadsgatan, next door to one of Helsinki’s trendiest and fastest growing neighbourhoods, stands VERK, an office complex that adapts to the needs of its tenants. BOND created a new visual identity for the revamped building, originally built in 1994, and took part in modernising its 1st floor lobbies, cafe and lunch restaurant. In an effort to restore value to the building, the renovations focused on improving the efficiency, attractiveness and functionality of the establishment. To enhance acoustics in the open spaces, biobased panels were installed on the tall atrium walls and long hallways were divided with wooden partitions. The functional floor area of the main lobby was increased by building a new steel platform that functions as a communal space for work and relaxation. As a means to build a greater presence on the street, large new windows were punched into the 1st floor facade that invite in visitors and daylight.

Industrial interiors with a twist

With its ground floor hosting a cafe, restaurant and in-house bakery run by Linkosuo, VERK offers more than just office space. To tie these dimensions into a coherent whole, the spatial aesthetic shifts subtly when moving from the main lobby areas towards the lunch restaurant and cafe. As a unifying thread, the interior concept of VERK draws from the industrial heritage of the neighbourhood. In the lunch restaurant and bakery, brighter tones of denim and forest green provide a vibrant contrast to the modest palette of dark metals, warm oak and dramatic composite countertops. In the cafe, wooden seating with recycled wool upholstery and playful lighting create a welcoming environment for relaxing during the work week

Dynamic, timely, responsible

The visual identity of VERK aims to highlight and improve what already exists. Named after its address, the simple yet dynamic visual style plays with folded angles and colours that fall into place yet are there when you need them, reflecting the ethos of the building. VERK is a place for work with a twist. Whether that twist be a change of perspective, a pop downstairs for a freshly ground cup of coffee or feeling good about what your work environment stands for.

Antilooppi Managementt