Brand-driven design

Bond’s services include identity, digital, retail & spatial, and packaging & product design.


We are a versatile creative agency founded by designers from different fields. We thrive when we have permission to find the best solutions for the brief, without predefined limitations.

At Bond, we know how to bring new life to a brand and how to create entirely new concepts. We know how to lead change in demanding brand and concept transformations. Our well-honed processes help us find the necessary insights quickly and effectively. We like to work closely with clients and include them in our design process to create better results.

Our process is straightforward, agile, and promises results.”



We create and redesign b2b and b2c brands for clients ranging from start-ups to global corporations.

Identity concepts cover the cornerstones of branding: positioning, story, visual identity and tone of voice, naming, and guidelines. We make the concepts a reality in digital channels, events, sales & marketing tools, stationery, publications – wherever necessary.


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Sushi & Co.
University of The Arts Helsinki



We develop and design websites, digital services, mobile applications, and digital retail solutions that work and stand out.

Today, the digital arena is essential for brand building. We create brand identities and experiences digital first. The result is always true to the brand and our strict belief in quality.


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Scala Advisory

Retail & spatial


Our retail offering ranges from full store concepts, boutique shops and shops-in-shops to individual product displays and visual merchandising solutions. Besides retail environments, we create restaurant, café and bar concepts. We bring brands to life at events, exhibitions, and corporate premises.

Physical spaces still make a big impact in today’s digital world. Our strength is the ability to seamlessly combine retail and spatial design with brand identity, digital and service design to create holistic experiences in retail and other environments.


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Café Aschan

Packaging & product



We know how to create packaging that sells. We develop packaging makeovers and create solutions for entirely new products. We can design either just the branding and graphics or the whole packaging from the ground up.

In addition to packaging solutions, we design several other physical manifestations for brands, ranging from furniture to installations. This is another example of how our multidisciplinary team and open working model help create a unique offering.


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