Helping a tech startup to grow.


Helping a tech startup to grow

Loupedeck enables photographers to spin their creative productivity to the next level. When Loupedeck was launching their product with an ambitious growth mindset, we were called in for help.

From early on we shared the desire to build a convincing brand. And so we did.

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There was a logo in the knobs!

Marko Salonen

Designer, Partner

Spinning knobs, the way Loupedeck is used, directly translates into the simple logo and typeface. The same straightforward visual motif runs across the identity system: from business cards to beanies and bags. The result is a distinctive visual language with strong continuity between product, website and marketing assets. Loupedeck is able to address its target audience and establish its brand position on the market. Effortlessly.

We more than doubled our sales during the first quarter.

Felix Hartwigsen

Head of Marketing

Tying the brand into the product UI and UX.

We also had our say in the UI and UX of the product itself. Us designing some of the product's user interface enabled Loupedeck to further develop their hardware and deepened the union between the product and the brand.

Harnessing the website to introduce the product and drive sales.

The website information architecture has focused on informing visitors about the product, in forms of a blog, video tutorials and support pages. More importantly, the site drives sales. The slick webshop runs as a custom and reusable WordPress plugin, running on React, Redux and Shopify SDK. This solution makes it possible to turn any WordPress page into a lightweight Shopify Store with a few clicks.

Loupedeck Oy