Creating a custom Shopify store experience for the hit TV show Love Island

Love Island

Custom Shopify experience for the hit TV show Love Island

Love Island is an international hit show and a cultural phenomenon. ITV Studios hired BOND to design a new Love Island online store, ready for the launch of the hit show in the US and Netherlands.

They had specific requirements for the project; the store needed to be hosted on Shopify as a mobile-first experience that allows engaging product personalisation and feels like the Love Island brand. As we explored the available Shopify themes, we soon realised that none of them seemed to be as responsive and quick as we would have liked for a mobile experience. Mobile for us is a real-time experience – quick and responsive with no delays in loading content or applying personalisation to products.

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Love Island Online Store Design by BOND

Creating a bespoke Shopify theme

It is these simple things that enable us to define the benchmarks for the experience. So the team went about coding the theme from scratch as a responsive experience made for mobile but equally engaging on tablets or desktop. The design and art direction by BOND, together with photography by Andrew Hobbs, give the store a magazine feel, allowing fans to view the latest from the show social channels, and to purchase the official merchandise.

Love Island Online Store Design by BOND

Product personalisation in real-time

Part of the purchase experience was to allow personalisation, applying your name to the Love Island water bottle and other products. Again, following the design principles we coded a real-time personalisation tool enabling users to see their chosen name appear on the bottle as they type it. In keeping to the brand we used AI algorithms to prevent inappropriate language, but still keeping the brand feel.

Love Island Online Store Design by BOND
Love Island Online Store Design by BOND
Working with BOND was easy, the design and UI of the store really lifted the experience.

Neil Bowler

Commercial Manager, ITV Studios

"Delivering on the mobile first experience makes the store very quick and easy to use which is vital for e-commerce with TV brands" said Neil Bowler, Commercial Manager at ITV. "The store is now live in the US and we are enjoying the increased levels of traffic”.

Love Island Online Store Design by BOND

ITV Studios